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818 SW 3rd Ave # 221-1228

Portland, OR 97204


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Mark has over a decade of experience working in the financial services industry. He began his career with some of America's largest and most respected insurance firms, learning and honing his skills. After working over 6 years helping individuals and families to find the best solutions to their insurance needs, he launched his own financial planning firm -- Mark Sharp Retirement -- to focus on the retirement income planning needs of soon-to-be retirees. Mark enjoys and has helped numerous individuals prepare and structure their retirements to support the income to live the life they want in retirement. His specialized education and training in retirement income planning coupled with his investment and tax planning background enable him to provide a high-value service to comprehensively meet the needs of those seeking to ensure a secure and satisfying retirement.

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As a flat-fee-only financial planning firm, we don't manage assets, we only sell advice on an hourly or project basis. We only have minimum fees for first-time clients. There is no fee minimum for those who have an existing relationship with us.

In addition to the hour service option, we offer two flat-fee project service options geared to soon-to-be retirees priced at $4,000 and $2,000. Please refer to our website,, for service details.

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Bachelor of Science - Computer Science/Mathematics

California State University, East Bay
08/27/1983 - 06/18/1987



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