West Virginia Roth IRA

West Virginia Roth IRA plans are designed to help WV residents make retirement the best years of their life. It is important that you do your own research and prepare for your golden years with adequate retirement investments. Find a West Virginia Roth IRA advisor that is your perfect match by comparing different IRA companies across WV online first. You can get a better indication of your financial options and find an expert that can guide you through the often complicated road to retirement.

Eligibility and IRAs

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to West Virginia Roth IRA accounts is the eligibility requirements. There are only people of a certain income that can actually contribute to this type of retirement account. Furthermore, you can only contribute income, not money you have won or received through an inheritance, for example. There is also a standard limit of how much you can contribute to your West Virginia Roth IRA account every year.

For single income earners in West Virginia earning less than $107,000 per year, you will be able to contribute $5,000 per year to a Roth IRA account. For married couples filing together, you will be able to make a combined total of $169,000 or less to qualify for a $5,000 contribution per year per person. If you are married but filing separately, then you will need to earn less than $10,000 for contribute $5,000 to your IRA. This is a good option for part time workers in low income households.

If you do make more than the limits then there is some leeway. If you make between $107,000 and $122,000, then you can contribute a certain amount based on a sliding scale. Any single earner in West Virginia that earns more than $122,000 per year, however, will not be eligible for contribute to Roth IRAs. There is also a sliding scale in place for married couples that make between $169,000 and $177,000 with $177,000 being the limit. Furthermore, if you are over the age of 60 and starting your West Virginia Roth IRA, then you will be allowed to contribute an additional $1,000 per year as part of a 'catch up' scheme designed to prepare newcomers for retirement.

Roth and Retirement

Having an extra $5,000 per year to spend during your retirement is going to add up fast. Furthermore, West Virginia Roth IRA accounts are based on post tax income which means you have already paid tax on it and thus you don't need to pay anymore when you do withdrawal the funds. This is one of the biggest benefits of a Roth system compared to traditional IRAs.

There is no right or wrong time to start looking into these IRAs but many people in West Virginia will wait until they actually have an extra $5,000 to save each year. When you are paying off a house, raising children and working towards different life goals, then it can be hard to find enough money to contribute to another retirement plan. You don't want to have to sacrifice your children's education fund or take money from the emergency fund for your retirement.

It is all about finding a balance which is why many West Virginia residents will wait until they are a little older to start this type of West Virginia IRA. Even if you start a Roth IRA at the age of 45 and contribute $5,000 per year until the age of 60, you are looking at a minimum amount of $75,000 to spend when you see fit. You might wish to use the other retirement investments, such as your pension or your 401k savings first and keep the money growing and growing and growing.

This is another great thing about a West Virginia Roth IRA account - you don't have to take out the money at a certain time. With traditional West Virginia IRAs you need to start withdrawing the funds by the age of 70 or else you will incur a penalty. This is not the case with a Roth IRA and, if you choose, you can keep the money in place as an inheritance for your family.

Speaking to a WV IRA advisor can help you determine your eligibility and clear up any questions or concerns you have about starting a West Virginia Roth IRA. It is important that you use as many resources possible when it comes to preparing for your retirement and that you are wasting as little as possible on taxes and fees. By contributing to a West Virginia Roth IRA you will be benefiting from an additional saving investment when you reach a certain age as well as extra money for you and your family to fall back on just in case.

Roth IRA

Roth IRA

Did you Know?

The Roth IRA is a retirement account that is funded with post-tax income. You pay taxes on your income this year as you would during any year and invest the funds in the Roth. Since taxes have been paid before investing you never pay income taxes on those funds in the future.


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